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Все книги 1949 года

Baghdad by the BayBaghdad by the Bay
Caen Herb
The first edition of Caen's post-World War II collection of stories about San Francisco. The collection describes the city as it was then, with its covenants against Chinese living outside of Chinatown, the former soldiers and sailors trying to hold down jobs and find a place to live, and the ...
New York: Doubleday & Company 1949 г.
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Rowena CareyRowena Carey
Holberg Ruth Langland
Illustrated by Grace Paull
New York: Doubleday & Company 1949 г.
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So Little Time. Point of No ReturnSo Little Time. Point of No Return
Marquand John P.
The story of a boy from a small New England town, aviator in World War I, then newspaper man, play doctor, movie script rewriter. The story of his married life, his work, his worries, his search for security, his attempt to adjust himself to changing times and environment. It is the story of some g...
Boston: Little, Brown and Company 1949 г.
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The EgyptianThe Egyptian
Waltari Mika
First published in the United States in 1949 and widely condemned as obscene, The Egyptian outsold every other novel published that year, and remains a classic; readers worldwide have testified to its life-changing power. It is a full-bodied re-creation of a largely forgotten era in the world’s his...
New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons 1949 г.
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The House at Noddy CoveThe House at Noddy Cove
Foster Elizabeth
The story of a young girl who spends the summer with her grandparents and tries to help them find the deed to their home.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company 1949 г.
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Далеко от МосквыДалеко от Москвы
Ажаев Василий
Грозный: Областное книжное издательство 1949 г.
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